We were driving past a mango stall when he noticed that I was mumbling. Curiously, the driver asked what the matter was and I just told him I wanted mangoes, but “I no like the one wey I dey see, e be like say e dey too ripe and na the one wey I go fit slice I dey like”. “Oh sorry, you go see am another time” he responded.

Brethren, as I was chilling at home the next day, I heard the doorbell ring and I opened the door to see the driver with two good-looking mangoes. They looked fresh and juicy, just the way I loved them. I knew my dad paid the domestic staff the previous day and the first train of thoughts that came to mind after collecting the mangoes were “did this guy not just get paid yesterday? How much does he earn? Did he even have to do this??

I was marveled by the fact that he took out N200 from his meagre salary to buy me fruits, just because he knew how badly I wanted them. FAM, I wasn’t particularly hungry that day but God forbid that I give out such precious mangoes. As I put the first slice in my mouth, the very sour taste of the mango slapped me hard. “How can such fresh-looking mangoes be this sour na, Haba ” I exclaimed loudly. The next 30 minutes was a struggle, as I would bite a slice, squeeze my face, manage to swallow and go for the next bite, with my eyes closed. One would think there was a gun to my head, forcing me to eat it. It could have been easy to just fling it, shebi it’s not kuku sweet? But at that moment, the intentions behind the gift was what mattered to me and not the taste.

The following day, when I saw the driver, I greeted him with a broad smile and thanked him for his thoughtful gift and added that I enjoyed the mangoes.

This made me think hard of how we usually wait till we have so much or have a huge amount to give out, before we allow ourselves bless someone else. No matter how insignificant what you have might seem, you can be a blessing to others. What matters is your intention and the state of your heart. The fact that you found someone worthy enough for a gift is more than enough to brighten their day.

Another lesson is how the devil tries to make us “belittle” other people’s efforts. Because the result of a kind gesture doesn’t seem grand doesn’t mean you should look down on it. His intentions were good, but the mangoes were sour, which was not his fault. Gratitude is always the way to go when faced with such a situation.

Have a lovely day fam. Don’t forget to be of help to someone today. Cheers.

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