As a kid, I always loved love stories. Seeing two people who genuinely love and respect each other within the bounds of marriage made me happy. As a teen however, I couldn’t help but notice that some couples were living in hellish situations all in the name of staying married.

As a new wig, having to represent clients in divorce cases wasn’t an experience I enjoyed. How can two people who vowed to love each other, suddenly want out?

Social media has helped to shed so much light on horrible marriages and divorce/ battering/ unfaithfulness seems to be the order of the day. Some people even openly express their fear of marriage, all because of what they have seen or heard.

There are people doing this marriage thing the right way! Why is the spotlight not on them? Why are we focusing so much on the negative and even allowing it determine whether we want to get married or not?

Two Hearts…One Beat is a new series that was inspired by the need to encourage singles out there. We would hear from happily married couples and learn from them. Are there secrets to being faithful despite the challenges of marriage? Are there attributes to look out for before deciding to settle with one person for the rest of your life? We would find out these and many more from our THOB couples.

Do you know any couple who is doing marriage the right way and wouldn’t mind having a chat with me? Send me a mail via and we would take it up from here.

If you are single, this is one series you wouldn’t want to miss. We refuse to be scared of marriage!


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