The Child Abuse Series is to give people who were molested an opportunity to share their experiences, so that parents can see the need to create a safe environment for their kids, so as to reduce the possibility of child sexual abuse to the barest minimum. Everyone who shares on this platform will be anonymous except he/she chooses otherwise. Read “T’s” story below:


I do not write this from a place of regret but of joy at having overcome what was once shameful.

I grew up in a family of 4; father, mum and 2 daughters. My experience of sexual abuse started with my primary school teacher, when I was in my primary one or two [cannot vividly remember]. I was a child who had rapid growth. I had a well-developed breast as early as primary one. I did not realize my teacher had sexually abused me until years after I met him again.

I remember so little about the incident, but it started when I attended the holiday class, (summer school) preceding the new class. My parents usually pick me from school after each session. On this faithful day, my parents were running late, and it was mandatory for teachers to wait behind until all students were picked up. It so happened that, I was the only student left in school and my teacher took advantage of that situation to exploit my body. I was about six or seven years old and all I could remember was he putting his hands underneath my skirt. I do not remember all the details, but it felt weird and I knew I changed towards him from that moment. I could not speak to my parent or anyone about it then, because I was afraid. I was not sure if this was a onetime experience or it continued but shortly after, he left the school.

I could remember feeling so uncomfortable in primary four when topics on reproductive systems were taught. I later met this teacher three years after he left the school, I was full of resentment toward him, and he was also shameful and avoided me. Memories poured in on that day we met.

My experience may be similar or different from others, but one thing reconciles it all. Sexual abuse is an experience that affects every part of you and most importantly, relationship with the opposite sex. This was a major part of it, as I perceived that every man who pursued me was here for one purpose, to have sex with me.

My healing started when I met Jesus Christ and I knew I had to forgive and let go.

Sharing is Caring

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