Dear human,

There are two kinds of people you’ll meet in this life.

1- The kind we all pray to meet. People that are like angels in human form. Kind, loyal, sacrificial. Those who make our journey less burdensome and shine their lights on our pathways.

2-The kind of people you wake up by midnight to pray against. Their purpose in life is to teach you that life isn’t a bed of roses and they readily throw thorns on your pathways. They derive joy in seeing your feet bleed and blister, thereby slowing you down. They laugh at your innocence and gullibility. It’s their life’s assignment to teach you never to trust anyone. They are on earth to teach you lessons that would “make you sharp”

The intriguing thing about life is that you’ll meet these two sets of people. Your prayer life or lack of one cannot change this…it’s called Life not Utopia.

For the angels in human form who make people’s burdens lighter, I salute you sir/ma. May you reap bountifully what you have sown both in this life and beyond.

My focus however, is on the second category of people. Those who derive pleasure in causing others pain. We need to understand that BROKEN people break others, DAMAGED people damage others and HURT people set out to hurt others.

A very relatable phenomenon is that of bullying in secondary schools. Young, innocent me always used to wonder why some seniors inflicted so much pain on the junior students. Why would they wake us up with horsewhips by 2am and tell us to scrub the whole hostel because one of them is pissed off about something trivial.

Why would they tell us to lie down flat under the blazing sun for hours because someone messed up the toilet? Why beat a child so often, that there are scars to show for it? Why treat junior students like animals?

One day my bunkmate who was a senior at that time yelled “you people are even enjoying, in our time we dare not look our seniors in the eyes, we were like slaves to them” Her outburst was the answer to my questions. These people were so damaged that they couldn’t wait to get to the position of power, just so they can unleash venom on us.

I however, did not fail to notice the exceptional senior students who also went through the same hellish experience, but they treated us with some dose of respect. How come these two sets of people with the same experience turned out differently?

I made up my mind not to continue this cycle of abuse. Nobody should go through pain because I did. I won’t be the one to show anyone the unkind side of life.

Guys, life is like a boarding school. In romantic relationships, you’ll meet those who will show you that true love exists and treat you well while some will make you have trust issues because they will hurt you really bad. In your work place, you’ll meet amazing bosses who will hold your hands and teach you the ropes, you’ll also meet those who will tear you down at every given opportunity.

With friendships, you’ll have friends that are like siblings, those that will share in your pain and joy. You’ll also come across those who will leave you high and dry when you need them the most.

Never forget that no matter what anyone does to you, YOU are responsible for how you react to the situation.

Don’t be a monster because you came across one.

Wishing you all good things,


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  1. Blessing Smith says: Reply

    Legit! People’s attitude towards me wouldn’t change who I am. I’m not good and sweet because of how people treat me, I’m good and sweet because that’s just the way I’m wired. Even if people treat me otherwise, I’ll be pained for sure but I won’t be who I’m not in a bid to react to other people’s negativity and bitterness. This is one of the many things I’ve learnt so far in my life journey. Thanks for resounding this!

    1. Omowunmi Fatogun says: Reply

      Thanks for stopping by! I hope more people get this.

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